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Marina Ohrmann

Dipl.-Ing. Marina Ohrmann


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Translation and Localization
The focus of my service is the correct transmission of a text in the target language and adapting to the local realities of the economic zone.

Important principles are
- The use of native speakers with high technical skills
- Compliance with industry-specific terminology
- Contact the narrowness of the product managers during the translation process.

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Translation-oriented texts
Technical documents to be translated because of the internationalization of the markets in multiple languages​​. The better a text to an automated process is designed, the better and faster is a translation into any language.

Translation-oriented source documents to support the efficient use of computer-aided translation tools (translation memory systems). This shortens the time for creation of multilingual technical documentation. A translation-oriented documentation reduces translation workload and error and the total cost.

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Controlled language
Creating more than one author, technical documentation, I develop a dialogue with them in a controlled language. This language forms the basis for the translation. The time and the cost of translation can be reduced. Sources of error are largely excluded.

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